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Have an install-worthy app idea?

We nurture your ideas.

Aura global specializes in building mobile apps that look straight out of your dreams. We bring you future-proof and fail-safe mobile apps that can entertain both Android and IOS users for years to come.

We offer cost-optimized mobile app development services to make sure your dreams fit your budget without compromising on functionality and reliability.

Starting small and wanna scale up?

Here, we are developing easily scalable mobile apps so that you can house unlimited visitors without worrying about any lags.

Wearables or IoT, Retail or Healthcare, Educational or Entertainment

Tell us your plans and our team is here to craft your ideas with perfection in React Native and more.

You are just a tap away from building your dream App.

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No Installing commitments, Only User-friendly Compliments

Wanna take your business beyond just a website or wanna provide the best browsing experience to the user even when they are not on your mobile app?

Transform your business for the better with a Web App.

Together let’s build a reliable, scalable, user-friendly web app that is well optimized to cut extra costs.

Our team at Aura Global is here building fail-safe web apps for Andriod and IOS

From layout to themes, it is your ideas that we weave together to create seamless and spectacular webapps. Smartphone or PC, ensure a smooth browsing experience to your visitors with a Web App.

Get a web app customized and crafted for your business in React js, Angular js, Vue js, or Typescript now.

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Let’s build it together.

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Experience the best of futuristic technology.

Aura global makes robust blockchain technology easily accessible for all its customers. We are known for developing effortless crowdfunding, and NFT based solutions.

Our innovative team works on modern technologies to deliver secure and strong solutions. We offer both public and private blockchain development to businesses. Our customized solutions are crafted keeping in mind futuristic demands.

We believe in creating trends and that’s why we offer your software and apps with reduced security threats, no operational issues, and zero hidden costs. With various development options and monitoring tools, we make everything easy for you.

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Time to take the fun seriously

Let’s create a package full of fun and amusing experience

Aura global offers end-to-end game development services integrated with the latest technologies. We are specialized in creating an awestruck experience with our games. You can choose your themes, characters, and vibes.

With the use of advanced technologies like unity 3D, Unreal 4, MMORPG, and 3D simulation, we build multiplayer games, hyper-casual games, etc.

Over the years, we have designed games for adults, and kids with varied interests. Our astonishing visuals and integration of augmented and virtual reality offer your users an unforgettable experience and loads of fun.

Got an amazing game idea, but don’t know how to implement it? We can help.

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Let’s get real with Artificial Intelligence.

Run a smart venture with the power of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the present and future of the world. Our AI artisans at Aura Global have mastered the skill of training websites and apps to work the way you want. Our team associated with IASE integrates the best of Artificial intelligence to help you reinvent your business strategies.

The library of artificial intelligence holds a treasure box of ideas and we are here to help you unfold.

You only need to have it in your mind and words. We know how to make it happen in front of you.

From Apache Spark to Hadoop, Keras, Python, Tensor Flow, and Scikit learn, we have got all the best options covered for you under just one tab.

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Let’s make something Out of the world

Got an idea that seems out of the world?

Let’s bring it to reality with AR

Augmented reality serves our fascination by diminishing the distance between reality and virtual reality. We at Aura global, build your dreams by integrating your ideas with high-definition functionalities.

Our Augmented reality services bring you Android, windows, and IOS apps that engross the user into another world. Our team works to build apps that cater to a multitude of interests and industrial sectors.

We make use of the latest AR technologies like Vuforia, Google cardboard, and Reality kit to build cutting-edge, robust, and high-performing apps. Our AR products are sure to level up the way your users see, hear, and feel.

Dive deeper into the magic of Augmented reality.

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Building the reality of the future – Virtual Reality

Improve the standards of convenience you offer to your customers.

Virtual reality has proved to be a revolutionary step in the consumer market. The way it eases out the decision process making for customers has made it a popular app development option.

Our team at Aura global specializes in integrating the best of virtual reality to offer a real-time experience to your users from anywhere. The apps built on virtual reality also make high-end, expensive, and risky training easier and better.

We build high-performing virtual reality apps with Oculus quest, Oculus rift, and Htc Vive. From eCommerce to healthcare, our team has done it all in virtual reality and ready to build the next big one with you.

Come let’s make it easy for those who are too lazy to step out.

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